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Let us help you experience & believe how beautiful you truly are.

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Imagine this… You’re standing in front of a camera, in a light & airy private studio, wearing nothing but a beautiful garment of lingerie. 

Now, let me ask… What comes up for you? Do you feel nervous and afraid? Do you feel the urge to want to hide or run away? Does your mind start racing with self-criticism and doubt? 

Or… Do you stand confidently as you are? Feeling beautiful, free (and, might I add… sexy!) as you embrace all of your perfections & imperfections.

If you’re go-to was the first, let me say… You’re not alone. We live in a time where women are collectively more self-critical and afraid to be seen than ever before.

This lack of confidence and urge to hide doesn’t just affect us physically, like when we step in front of a camera to be photographed. It also affects us in how we show up in our romantic relationships, businesses and careers, finances, family life, friendships, and more.

The thing is, when we face our fear in one of these areas, it bubbles over into every other area as well. 

And, when it comes to growing your confidence, there’s really only one way to build it: do it scared. 

At Boudoir with Stephanie, this is exactly why we do what we do. Our mission is to support women in becoming the most confident version of themselves, and to help women like you experience & believe how beautiful you truly are. 

P.S. I have so many women tell me “they wish they had the confidence to step in front of my camera.” The thing is though, all of the women I photograph really feel the same way. 

Yes, that’s right. They were nervous, scared, didn’t think they would enjoy it, didn’t think they would like any of their pictures. Guess what the only difference between you and them at this moment is? They took a CHANCE and invested in themselves!! 

Are you ready to feel more confident in your skin?

Are you ready to face your fears? If so, then we are the studio for you! My name is Stephanie. I'm a Nashville Boudoir Photographer. 


"Self Confidence is a super power. Once you start to believe in yourself, magic starts happening".

No worries you are not alone. 95% of the clients that step through our doors haven't either and you would never know looking at their images!! You will look like a pro by the time you're done!! 


"I have Never had a boudoir shoot before..."

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Your boudoir  session includes:

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Image Reveal Session

Wardrobe Consultation 
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Profressional Hair & Makeup

Luxury Studio

100% Private
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“Ladies if you’ve ever thought about doing any type of boudoir sessions DO IT!! I couldn’t be anymore pleased with her work."


Miss S.


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