I understand that this is a very important question and I would love to answer that for you. However, our sessions are customized and it is best to schedule consultation so that we discuss your dream session and build your package based on your needs. 

How much does this cost?

While I always prefer to have a private session with just me and the client. I also understand that some women prefer to bring a friend for support so, I will allow 1 person to come with you. However, I do have a couple rules.

1. They MUST be your biggest cheerleader!
2. Positive Vibes Only in the studio!
3. No behind the scenes pictures or videos!
4. They must be 18 or older! 

Can I bring a friend?


ABSOLUTELY!! Most women are nervous when they come in. 

Once the session starts it doesn't take but a few minutes to start to relax. By the time you leave your nerves will be at ease.

Check out some of our testimonials and see what our past clients are saying!  

I'm really nervous. Is that normal?

As soon as possible! My schedule fills up months in advance. And you will need to allow a minimum of 6 wks from the time of your session to your product delivery date!! 

This is a gift when should I book?

Not unless you say it is OK. We take your privacy very seriously and will only share if you give us permission. We are always honored when a client allows us to share their images. 

You will be give the option to share on all platforms and website, only specific platforms or not at all. You will have complete control over your images. 

Will my photos be on the internet? 

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