boudoir photography album samples in different sizes and colors


At my photography studio, I’m often asked if I offer just digital packages instead of physical products. While I do have two digital packages available, I prefer clients choose one of our beautiful albums instead. There are numerous reasons why printing images over going digital should be considered – here are some compelling reasons why I highly recommend my hardcover album collections!

Ladies, you put a lot of time and energy into getting ready for these photography sessions. Most of you prepare for these as you do for your wedding day. You spend hours online searching Pinterest and lingerie websites trying to find the perfect outfits, and/or looking for inspiration. The week of your session you are getting your hair colored, a fresh manicure & pedicure, and usually waxed. With so much work put into prepping for this great experience, I don’t want you leaving without physical products. A tiny USB is something that may eventually end up lost or outdated with the advances in technology. Those pictures deserve to be in an album that is just as beautiful as you.

Come 5, 10, or 20 years from now, when you pick up that album you will be reminded of how beautiful you are. you can take a moment to reflect on all the emotions you felt, nerves leading up to your first moment baring yourself in front of the camera, to the feeling of security and pride for what you have accomplished. Pride from that day so many years ago, pride from what you have achieved since then, whatever it may be, these photographs are there to provide you with a lasting appreciation for the woman you are today. That is more than likely not going to happen with a digital copy. Will you even know where to find that digital copy in 15 or 20 yrs from now?

This happened to me. 

I can attest to this. My husband and I took our very first trip to Jamaica a few years ago and the resort focused on selling digital packages over prints, so we ordered our package and they handed us our pictures on a cd disk. they didn’t even come on a USB card. To this day, I still have not seen one picture from that digital package. For me to see them I would have to go buy a cd reader that can connect to my computer since it does not have a reader built-in. I still have the memories from that trip, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a printed reminder of that special time in Jamaica with my husband. Why print images when you can have a cd and no technology to view them, right? 

On top of that these are not images you can drop off at your local Walmart or Walgreens and have printed off. Even if you could, would you really want to?? These are special images for you and your significant other to enjoy not John in the photo department at Costco.  

Why print images? Because you deserve more. 

Boudoir Photography is my passion, and giving an exceptional experience for my clients to enjoy for many years to come is of the highest importance to me. I spent hours searching for an album company that offers albums that are just as gorgeous and sexy as the images inside. Every detail has to be right, just as it is with the poses and lighting. This is why print images will always be what I recommend and prefer.

Don’t worry it isn’t a hell no to all digital images… They are included in some of the collections and additional images are available for purchase with any collection.