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I’m Not Ready – A Client’s Experience

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We are so lucky to have this gorgeous client guest posting for us today to share her experience with her boudoir session with Boudoir Unleashed. She has lots of tips to fight the “I’m not ready” feelings, and help you dive in!

“I’m Not Ready.”

Pause for a second and ask yourself how often you have said that sentence. Whether it relates to work, relationships, or just flat out doing something you have always wanted to do. In all honesty we as humans are fixated on “perfect timing” that we often hold back on doing something of interest because we think we’re not ready. Truth is, you will never be ready. Bigger truth is “perfect timing” doesn’t exist.

As someone in the fitness industry who has also recovered from an eating disorder, I firsthand get the “I’m not ready” sentence when it comes to photoshoots. While I am very confident in my body, to consider doing a boudoir style shoot is one thing that I myself put off for the same reasons you yourself might be.

Common reasons you tell yourself you shouldn’t do a photoshoot:

  1. Not in shape enough.
  2. Loose skin or stretch marks.
  3. No abs
  4. Don’t like how you look.
  5. Nothing looks good on me.

Therefore, if a regular shoot already had you going “Eh…I don’t know about that”. The idea of very minimal clothing might have you running for the hills! When I first heard the word boudoir, my initial thought was lingerie. We’ve seen the pictures of women in undergarments, heels, on a bed or couch, and let’s be honest something along the lines of, “Wow she looks amazing” probably follows shortly after seeing the pictures. It can be a lot to take in, and it can be a lot of hesitation to consider doing it if you are comparing yourself to the woman in the picture. The idea of being that exposed around someone you don’t know, and then to be photographed can make one very nervous. (Even I included.)

boudoir image with client wearing white angel wings in Nashville studio

             Though I was slightly nervous I decided to FINALLY pull the trigger and do a shoot. Let me tell you ladies, it is the best thing ever! If this is something you have been putting off, hopefully after reading more about my experience you will decide your “perfect timing” is now.

         When I arrived, Stephanie and Ashley were so inviting. (You want this especially in a shoot where it’s going to be quite vulnerable). I had my hair / make up done, and while doing that Stephanie went through my items asking what I liked most and what I was open to do. (Honestly, I am not a modest person, it’s more I can’t relax for a pose LOL). However, it let me feel as though I was in control of the shoot essentially.

After hair and makeup, I was told what outfits would be worn, where the photos would take place, and basically her mindset on how the shoot would flow. From then on I let her do her thing, and never have I ever felt more sexy / comfortable in my own skin. I even told her how in a previous shoot I had done (FULLY CLOTHED) I felt awkward and insecure, yet here I am lingerie only feeling like a SNACC! Two C’s ladies.

   Tips to really have a great experience:

  1. Photographer is EVERYTHING: Stephanie is so great. She sent me a document that outlined things to bring, what to do the night before, common questions. Having someone prepared is already a way to calm the nerves.
  2. Bring multiple outfits. It’s better to have too many options vs. too few.
  3. It’s your shoot, it’s your body. Wear as much as you want, or as little. Just because you see someone else with no bra doesn’t mean that has to be you as well.
  4. Communication is key. If it makes you uncomfortable then say something. A photographer isn’t a mind reader and you should always be on the same page.
  5. Embrace yourself in your own skin. Let loose, flip that hair, channel your inner Lizzo.
  6. Then be prepared to be WOWED!

Something I often notice with clients I work with is that we are our biggest critics. For a lot of people, we don’t see our true beauty because looking in the mirror everyday it’s hard to see changes we’ve made. Therefore, doing a shoot like this can have you thinking very insecure thoughts, when in all actuality it was a major confidence booster for myself. It is the perfect way to find yourself, revamp sexy on your own terms, spice up some romance with your significant other, or simply just have fun in a whole new way.

I could not recommend doing this any higher if you’ve had any interest in doing it, and if you’re in the Tennessee area Stephanie is someone who will make you find your inner goddess and then some! Most importantly, I can say that at the end of the day, sexy is what you make it. For some that’s a crop top and boy shorts, for others it’s a laced bra and panties while making breakfast, and maybe for you it’s just an oversized sweater. Whatever it is, it’s sexy if it makes you feel good and that’s a memory worth capturing.

boudoir image of woman in blue lingerie on white backdrop with tattoos