What were you feeling leading up to, and immediately before your Session? I was so excited and nervous.

Was your experience what you were expecting, What surprised you? It was far more than I expected Stephanie was so professional and made me feel comfortable.

How did you feel after the session ended? After the session was completed I was so excited to see the pictures. I felt so sexy and I’m super self conscious but she made me feel AMAZING!!!

How did this experience change how you see yourself?  I see myself in a new light I looked so sexy.

Is there anything you wish you’d known before your session? No Stephanie was very thorough in her direction before your photo shoot.

What would you say to women who are hesitant to book a session? Do it !!! It will change the way you see yourself and it’s so much fun.

Share some advice would you give to someone planning their session! Breath and enjoy the experience!

Do you think you’ll book another boudoir session in the future? ABSOLUTELY!