This was nothing I’d done before, yet they say stepping out of comfort zones at times can be the catalyst to a wonderful moment. My boudoir session had been booked, and while the countdown was slowly coming to an end the nerves + excitement crept in. You know that feeling the night before Christmas? Where you’re giddy as can be, but you don’t know fully what’ll happen the next day…that was it.

My excitement outweighed my nerves because quite frankly, I was ready to feel beautiful. I’ve seen Steph’s work, I’ve seen the women all dolled up owning the outfits, I’ve seen them rocking the poses, & I was ready to be as beautiful on camera as they were. Truthfully, I was ready to feel confident again in my own skin in a not so traditional way.

After gaining weight over the last few years, I’ve been a little hard on myself. As a woman I think we can ALL relate to this. From bloating, hormones, & all things in between sometimes things just DON’T fit the way we want, nor do they look the way we want. When that happens, it’s quite easy to look at yourself in the mirror to only feel more insecure. Yet this photoshoot I knew would be just what I needed. A moment to truly be okay in my own skin. A moment to truly love my curves, “flaws”, and all things that make me…ME.

The day of the shoot was like a fairytale and once my shoot was over, I didn’t want it to end. (In fact, I am SO ready to book my next one). Thanks to Steph, I saw a side of me that had been there all along. In those pictures I saw the beautiful, bold, bombshell of a woman that had hidden herself for far too long. The experience was spectacular. Steph made sure I had everything I needed, and me being a planner I was quite prepared. (Maybe overly prepared LOL). From coaching me through the poses, talking outfits, helping me get glammed up with hair/makeup, I felt comfortable the whole entire time.

To anyone wanting to do a session but has hesitation, my one piece of advice is DO IT. Do it for you, do it for the woman who is ready to unleash her full self. Do it for the woman who wants to see the beauty in her own skin again. It doesn’t matter size, shape, or circumstances. The truth is your beauty is always there, & Steph will showcase that for you 100%. My other piece of advice is to bring as many outfits as you can, and if you don’t have items Steph has a closet that is for sure to have something in your wheelhouse. I am so grateful to have had the session with Steph, and this won’t be my last.

Until Next Time,