What are Bonus Sets?

Bonus sets are Freebies for anyone who chooses to pre-pay for any of our 5 collections. You can do this one or 2 ways. Either pay in full or set-up a payment plan.

The amount of bonus sets you get will depend on the collection you decide on. Don’t worry if you decide to pre-pay for a collection you can always upgrade your collection during your image reveal. It happens all the time, most women don’t think that they will like a lot of images of themselves. They are very surprised when they pick way more than they ever thought they would.

If you prefer not to pre-pay for a collection then you will still have the option to purchase bonus sets to add on to your session. Each Bonus set typically adds an additional 30 minutes to your session. Bonus sets must be scheduled prior to your session.

Check out the Bonus Sets Below!!

Nashville Boudoir Bodyscape Sessions: 

What if your body could create an image that highlights all your best attributes while leaving a bit of mystery?

Bodyscapes are created by using our studio strobe lighting and working with your highlights and shadows.

The beauty in a bodyscape session is that we get to highlight all the best parts of you without fully showing you off. The poses and light, let your body naturally create a landscape that no one else can duplicate. You are the only you which means these add ons are truly a customized experience. 

These sessions are not something you can solely purchase, but if you’re wanting to give a little mystery and create amazing wall art to show off later this is a must do during your session here. 

Take it to the sheets with your Boudoir Photographer: 

Ever have one of those days where you just want to lay around in bed? Let’s be honest we ALL do. How fun is it though to add a little spice to that desire?

With the sheet add on we can take simple poses, and elevate the sexiness in the photo with a wide variety of options. Given that we have multiple colored sheets here at the studio, each room has its own opportunity to be as imaginative as you’d like.

Whether you want something sleek and sexy, or moody we can make it happen. If you’re someone who wants to take sexiness up a notch we can even create implied nudes with simple poses that will leave you feeling stunning.

This add-on is not for single purchase, and will need to be added to a booked session. During your initial consult we can talk about options, and what that would look like to make sure brings your vision to life.


Thinking about a little bondage:

Are you into bondage or a little curious? 

It doesn’t matter if this is your go to or a new curiosity we have a way to make it happen. In the studio there is a bondage set that you can add to your session which can really spice up your images! Personally, I love pairing this set with the strappiest and sexiest lingerie.

Other toys for fun that we have include masks, cuffs, a spreader bar, swing, and now a St. Andrews Cross. PS if you’re really wanting to explore, this is definitely a great addition to consider if you are booking a couples session!

The Bondage Set is always getting upgrades and new accessories, so keep an eye out on our Facebook Group for new additions.

Ready to get a little Wet?

If so, then give our tub set a go!!

I mean have you seen our tub?? It is gorgeous and creates beautiful images.

CAUTION you will get wet and this is one we always save until the end.

This is a set that you can choose to do nude or wear your lingerie. If you want to do implied nudes then bring a pair of nude thongs and a nude strapless bra.

Shower Set

Our Shower Set is ah-mazing.

Most of our clients are surprised when they actually see the Shower Set in person – no, it’s not a real shower but a large piece of plexiglass we DIY’ed and you would never know the difference from the photos!!

What’s great about the fact that it’s a faux shower is that you do not have to get wet at all. No messing up your hair or makeup – you can still leave the studio ready for your date night or drinks with the girls, whatever you may have planned for your post-shoot evening

Angel Wings

If you have ever dreamed of being a Victoria’s Secret Angel, this is your opportunity! Might as well make all dreams come true here at the studio during your Boudoir session. 

This is one of our most popular bonus sets, and easily a top favorite of mine for clients with how elevated it can make your photos. 

We have a variety of colors and sizes to choose from for your session. I have custom-made all of the wings for our studio, so they are uniquely ours and you won’t have a cookie cutter photo which makes it even more special. 

Limited Edition Sets:

Our limited edition sets are exactly as they sound limited. The spots and length is limited and usually only offered once a year.

After Dark Sessions:

Our After Dark Sessions are offered from November to February and start @ 4:30 PM. Like most limited edition sets these are 30 to 45 minute sessions.

During that time we will use two different sets.

We start with our candle set where we work mostly with the highlights and shadows reflecting from the candles. The candles create a beautiful and sexy ambiance.

The 2nd half of the session will be our Neon set that we set up with our faux shower. It gives a completely different vibe than our candle set and is so much fun to shoot!

Outdoor Sessions

Our Outdoor Sessions typically take place from May – October.

If you love outdoor photos make sure you are in our FaceBook Group or signed up for newsletter so you can be the first to hear about our next outdoor shoot.

These always sell out fast!

Most outdoor shoots will take place after 4pm and may include a creek session, the famous Beth Dutton photoshoot, or even one of my favorites our outdoor Couture Gown Sessions.

Which one is your favorite?

Rain Room Sessions

Ah, the Rain Room is one of our and our clients’ favorites. I will be opening the Rain Room back up in the summer of 2023 for one month. If you’ve wanted to feel like you’re in a music video then cue video React by PussyCat Dolls, because that is the vibe when I think of the rain room. It’s sexy, and a whole lot of fun all at once. 

Make sure you are watching for the release date. The spots are very limited and this is a top seller, I’d hate for you to miss out! 

I never would have thought that one of my favorite outfits from the Rain Room would have come from Free People. It might be a simple look but that little hot pink bodysuit photographed so well for clients. Either way, we’ll make it your own celebrity moment. 


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