How to Choose the Right Boudoir Photographer: 4 Key Questions

If you’re new to Boudoir it can feel overwhelming. From Google to various Facebook Group pages there is TONS of information along with options for Photographers in the Nashville area.

After doing this for 5 years, we wanted to make a short checklist of questions you can ask to make sure you are choosing the right boudoir photographer. The worst thing that could happen during your session is it be a less than thrilling experience in an already vulnerable state. 

These are the 4 things to ask when choosing your Boudoir Photographer.

1. How long have you been shooting and what is your style? 

Everyone starts somewhere, and that’s not a bad thing by any means. Any great photographer got better over time with more practice from clients during their career. However, a photographer should also be willing to be open about how new or experienced they are and have a key understanding of their style. Most photographers have a niche they are REALLY good at, and you want to make sure that the areas they excel at mesh with the style you’re looking for. 

2. Is there a consultation and how does the session work? 

You need to do your research on understanding all the ins and outs of your session. There really should be NO surprises on what you’ll experience when arriving for your shoot. Not all photographers have a brick and mortar location, some will rent AirBNB’s or hotels for their boudoir sessions.

With that we find a consultation call is a MUST.

It is important to know exactly where your session will take place. If hair & makeup is provided, studio policies, product delivery time, wardrobe, pricing and packages.

We want to answer all of your questions and plan your dream session! This will also allow us finalize your package that way you know exactly what you’re getting/paying for especially since most image reveals leave you wanting to add more images.

3. Do you have reviews you can share or where can I see your work? 

Any photographer can promise the stars and the moon but then underdeliver on quality. It is important to do your research on what past clients have said about their experience overall. What better way to know if a photographer is legit than by hearing first hand from others who have worked with them before. Here at the studio we have no problem sharing client testimonials and reviews to make sure you feel 100% confident in your decision. 

What is the total cost or range of a service like this? 

Once again, with the copious amount of photographers here in Nashville there is easily a wide variance of price points for a Boudoir Session. A few things to keep in mind that will dictate price ranges are: Photographer experience/education, hair and makeup being included, session fees, products offered (luxury boudoir studios will also offer luxury albums and wall art), outfit changes/rooms utilized, total images rendered for purchase, add-on sets not included in initial packages.

On average you can expect to spend $1500 to $1800 for the base package and session fee when searching for a luxury boudoir studio and the packages go up from there. This is where the consultation call is KEY to make sure you are not stretching yourself but getting the biggest WOW for your investment. At our studio we understand this is an investment in and we do our best to work with your budget. We do offer pre-session payment plans and financing.


the BOUDOIR EXPERIENCE with Boudoir by Stephanie Nivens