Cue the sultry music for this one!

Today I’m featuring Miss C. a stunning and breathtaking woman I photographed last month at Watertown, TN. This boudoir session was particularly special, as Miss C. came to me to help her fall back in love with herself, enjoy her body. Like so many of us, she struggles with self-confidence. Her words were powerful. As she shared her disdain for her own body and the changes she sees in her body since high school has declined, in her eyes.

As you can see, Miss C. is incredibly beautiful! Even though she was a little nervous before our shoot (who wouldn’t be?), she was able to relax pretty quickly and we got some gorgeous shots. Her laughter was infectious and the enjoyment in her eyes was proof that she realized how magical and mind-altering this experience truly was.

Since we had such an amazing shoot, I asked Miss C. to share a little bit of advice for others who may want to have a boudoir session in the future. Here’s what she had to say:

“If anyone is questioning this experience, DON’T. This will be the best, most excited, most thrilling, happiest, most special thing you can do for yourself. It will light a fire inside of you that you likely did not know that you had. Do it and enjoy every beautiful moment of it!”

That’s definitely solid advice!