Mrs. L’s Story

Meet Lisa, mother, grandmother, and ICU nurse who you’d never know lost over 140 lbs years ago to be able to enjoy life with her family.

Like many who hear the word, boudoir, nerves can easily set in. The thoughts of, Am I sexy enough? Surfacing the mind as images are being snapped. So to meet Lisa and find out she had a boudoir shoot as something on her bucket list was a total shocker!

It’s always amazing when the shoots are over to hear words of nervousness turn into comments of, “The best part was getting out of my comfort zone”. A way for a woman who gives so much to others to finally feel sexy in her own skin, and give something back to herself…confidence.

This is Lisa who not only rocked her shoot but left feeling proud of the way she looked for once and able to feel sexy. To be able to have that memory and bucket list item checked off  after transforming her own life/health is a wonderful stepping stone on this new adventure for her.

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  1. Melissa Briggs says:

    Absolutely stunning!!!! AN INSPIRATION IM A GRANDMA ALSO