The One Way to Build Confidence That No One Tells You

Confidence, the one thing we as women all desire yet maybe 65% of us on a good day truly hold. Or at least that’s how I felt prior to doing a boudoir shoot with Stephanie. I wanted to see myself in a new way that also quite frankly threw me out of my comfort zone.


 I think as women we never hate ourselves 100% when we look in the mirror, but it doesn’t mean at times we don’t fight the battles of “wishing” we saw something different. Who doesn’t want to look in the mirror and think, “God I am a bombshell!” With that I figured I’d try a different approach, one that isn’t typically the norm on building confidence. In fact, to some it is probably backwards!

I decided it was time to book… 

I’ve seen Stephanie’s work from Instagram to her Facebook page, and the one thing I always noticed is how the shoots always seemed fun and flirty. Regardless of the woman in the image, they always looked like a Rockstar. The images seemed stunning, sexy, fun, and I wanted to have that moment. Not only that, but the outfits also looked fitting for each person photographed. I liked that you could make a sweater sexy suddenly or show off a killer set of lingerie. With that I booked my shoot, and the rest was history.

Day of the shoot

The day of the shoot I am not sure I knew fully what to expect, yet at the same time it went exactly as expected. Stephanie not only took all the work out of it for me but made me feel comfortable. I’d like to say you would never know it was my first time! She handled the makeup, hair, and even helped me decide which outfits to wear along with what rooms would be best for the vibe I wanted. As someone who wanted to feel beautiful in their own skin, this easily took the cake. My nerves were mostly flutters of excitement, and it flew by when the day finally approached. It also helped that her studio is not only setup for anything your mind could imagine capturing, but she is SO GREAT at coaching you through each pose. Let’s be honest, it’s not like I put myself in these positions daily LOL.

Hands down the best part of the shoot would be getting to use the wings. If there’s one tip for anyone I can share, it would be you utilize it is them. The white room was also my favorite spot in the studio. I came into this shoot wanting to feel confident, to feel like the bombshell I saw posted daily…and she nailed it. Personally, I am already excited at the idea of doing another one. Earlier I mentioned how confidence can be hard for women, and while most don’t peg boudoir shoots as the method to bridge that gap, I highly recommend you give it a try. Not only will you have a blast, but I also guarantee you will see yourself in a way that leaves you breathless.

  1. Lisa Felts says:

    These are beautiful! Once again Stephanie you did a fabulous job of making a beautiful woman see her own beauty. The red outfit with the white wings is breathtaking!

  2. stephanie Nivens says:

    Thank you so much!! Yes, I absolutely LOVED that red outfit. It just popped against that white!!