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 Boudoir by stephanie nivens  

Boudoir Photography allows women to celebrate their beauty and feel empowered. Experience self-love and walk away feeling confident with a boudoir session.

A boudoir experience is the perfect way to give a special gift to your partner. It is also a great way to feel good about yourself. My mission is to serve women of all ages, sizes, and shapes. All women who experience a boudoir photography session discover its benefits.
Boudoir captures the essence of your femininity and inner beauty. We strive to embody all things self-love and self-care. This is perfect for a first timer who deserves to feel beautiful and empowered.

If you are unsure about your body, a boudoir session can be a transformative experience. The studio space will allow you to see yourself in a new light and appreciate your unique features.

You don't need to be a model or have any prior experience in front of the camera to enjoy a boudoir session. It's all about embracing your true self and having fun with the process. So, take the plunge and treat yourself to a boudoir session – you won't regret it!
Are you ready to experience this for yourself? Are you ready to have fun and feel amazing? If so, then we are the studio for you!

My name is Stephanie and I'm a Memphis Boudoir Photographer. Join me to capture your authentic self.

Hello Gorgeous, 

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Embrace how beautiful you are here at our Tennessee boudoir studio.

"Accept who you are and Revel in it"

It is definitely normal to be nervous for your boudoir session, so don't worry. Most of our clients are nervous until the session has gone on for a few minutes. After it starts, you’ll begin to loosen up and by the end you will wondering why you were so nervous to begin with.   

I'm really nervous. Is that normal?

At Boudoir By Stephanie Nivens, we believe that every woman deserves to feel confident and celebrated regardless of your AGE, SIZE, and SHAPE. Our  approach ensures that boudoir photography is a welcoming and empowering experience for any WOMAN that steps through our doors.  The women that we work with book a session for all different reasons such as a Gift for their Partner, Celebrating a Milestone, and my favorite reason of all is YOU DO IT as a GIFT FOR YOURSELF!!!


Who is Boudoir Photography for?

Absolutely! Having your hair and makeup done is an integral part of your experience and is included with all of our sessions. Sit back, relax with a glass of champagne or water and chat with us a bit before your shoot.

Is hair and makeup included with your sessions?

While I will always recommend bringing a few pieces with you just so you can make sure you have something that fits your style it is not necessary. We have a very extensive client closet with sizes ranging from xs -5x and heels in all sizes. 

Of course, you can always reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns when you are shopping and I will be more than happy to help. 

Do I need to buy new outfits? 

Yes, we do! Schedule your consultation today to find out more information.

Do you Offer Couples Sessions?

I get booked 2 to 3 months in advance, and album production can take up to 4 or 5 weeks so it’s never too early to book your appointment even if it’s not for another year.

when should I book my session?

Absolutely. Things come up and sometimes a date no longer works, so we’re happy to make the changes for you. You can reschedule your shoot once without penalty with a minimum 7 day notice. When you sign your contract, we block off those hours to shoot with you, thus turning away people interested in shooting that day. 

I can't make my shoot date, can I reschedule?

Due to the custom nature of photography, the session price and any products ordered are non-refundable. You have final say on the retouching and any custom album design and nothing goes to print without your approval. Please refer to the Studio Policies for more information. 

What is your refund policy?

Not unless you say it’s okay! Every client I feature on my website has given me written permission to post her images. Privacy is very important to me. If you decide you don’t want them shared, that is completely fine. If you want to give permission, I’d LOVE to share them so other women can get an idea of what the experience looks and feels like.

Will my photos be on the internet? 

While I would prefer for you to come alone on the day of your session, I do  understand the reason behind why you may feel more comfortable bringing a friend so that I why I say to just make sure they are your biggest hype girl!! We do not want any negativity in the studio on the day of your session. Oh and they of course must be over 18 and they hang out in our sitting area of the studio. 

Can I Bring a friend?

Our Luxury Boudoir Studio is located on the square in Watertown. We have a 1500 sq ft studio with multiple rooms to shoot in. You will get a variety of images to choose from during your image reveal. 

Where will my session take Place?

Once you let me know what date you’d like to shoot, I will send you a invoice and contract. The contract must be signed and a non-refundable retainer is due at the time of booking in order to reserve your shoot day/time. 


I am ready to book a shoot, what's next?

Once you step through the doors of our Nashville Boudoir Studio I have got you. All you have to do is SHOW UP! I will walk you through the entire process and pose you from your head to your toes including when and how to breath in order to get those relaxed and sultry looks during your session. 


I am not a model and I have no idea how to pose

Memphis Boudoir Photography FAQ's